With a focus on payment and finance, BASE Group plans, develops and operates products that aim to empower individuals and small teams. Advocating “Payment to the People, Power to the People.” as our corporate mission, we provide the online shop creation service “BASE,” the shopping service for purchasers “Pay ID,” the online payment service “PAY.JP,” and the fundraising service “YELL BANK.” Through these services, we are committed to building an environment in which economic activity can thrive, acting as a partner in expanding the potential of individuals and small teams.

  • BASE

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    Online Shop Opening Service


    “BASE” is a service that allows anyone to easily create an online shop. The service is equipped with a number of functions necessary for online shop operation including an easy-to-implement payment function, stylish design themes, and transaction analysis tools. Through these functions, users can launch their own shops with ease - even those who had been unable to do so in the past for reasons including cost, lack of technical expertise, and time constraints. Due to its user-friendly interface, individuals involved in product planning, production and manufacturing can engage in product creation while simultaneously operating their respective shops in order to generate sales.

  • Pay ID

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    Shopping Service

    Pay ID

    "Pay ID” is a shopping service that provides smooth payment experiences for purchasers shopping online, helping users discover new products and repeat purchases at their favorite shops. The service can be used when shopping at shops created through “BASE.”
    “Pay ID” is also available as a mobile app that allows users to “buy what they love.” Through this app, users can search for products, follow their favorite shops, and receive push notifications on updates such as product availability and releases.
    Our self-developed BNPL feature “Post Pay (Pay ID)” improves purchasers’ payment experiences with minimal screen transitions, expanding transaction opportunities for both shops and purchasers.

  • PAY JP

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    Online Payment Service


    “PAY.JP” is a payment API that allows developers to implement online payment functions to their services seamlessly. Through a simple API and robust library, users can easily enable credit card payment on their own web services and mobile apps. The service is mainly used by startups and other businesses that require online payment.
    We provide several pricing plans that accommodate businesses of differing types, including a plan with one of the lowest commission rates (2.59%) in the industry. With our easy-to-understand and flexible pricing structure, as well as a proprietary pre-screening process that leads to a passing rate of approximately 90% for screening conducted by credit card companies, “PAY.JP” supports businesses in numerous aspects. The service is also characterized by our meticulous and detailed support, which leads to high levels of customer satisfaction.


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    Fundraising Service


    “YELL BANK” is a financial service that allows shop owners who use the online shop opening service “BASE” to raise funds immediately without risk. In anticipation of the future sales amount of the shop, “YELL BANK” will purchase future accounts receivable from the shop owner. The purchase amount is immediately paid to the shop owner, so the shop owner can use future sales "right away". “YELL BANK” has created a world where people who have not been able to challenge themselves because of funding can take the next step.