• Online Shop Opening Service


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    Online shop opening service that allows you to open your online shop just by filling in three items.

    BASE is an online shop opening service that everyone can easily create their own online shop. You can create your own online shop by our service equipped with functions that are necessary for the operation of online shops such as easy-to-implement payment functions, stylish design templates, and transaction analysis tools, for those who had hard time to start online shop for various reasons such as costs, web technologies and the time required can also start casually. Since the online shop in BASE can be operated with simple operability, those who plan, produce, and manufacture the product can deal with the sales while manufacturing.

  • Shopping app


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    Shopping app that allows you to purchase your favorite items from over 1,500,000 shops.

    The shopping app “BASE” is a smartphone app used by 8 million users. You can purchase products in wide range of genres such as Trends, Fashion, Interior Accessories, Entertainment / Hobby, Cosmetics, Home Appliance / Smartphone, Sports / Leisure, Food / Beverages (including agricultural products such as vegetables and fruits, and fresh foods such as meat and fish). Over 80% of the stores that open their stores on “BASE” are those who plan, produce, and manufacture their own products, and who use it as part of launch for their original brand.

  • Fundraising Service


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    Financial service that shop owners can fundraise immediately without risk.

    “YELL BANK” is a financial service that allows shop owners who use the online shop opening service “BASE” to raise funds immediately without risk. In anticipation of the future sales amount of the shop, “YELL BANK” will purchase future accounts receivable from the shop owner. The purchase amount is immediately paid to the shop owner, so the shop owner can use future sales "right away". “YELL BANK” has created a world where people who have not been able to challenge themselves because of funding can take the next step.

  • Online Payment Service

    PAY JP

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    Payment service that can be implemented with simple APIs, various functions, and easy-to-understand pricing.

    “PAY.JP” is an online service for developers that can easily implement credit card payment to web services and e-commerce for free. Based on concept of “Make all payment simple”, we have designed a system that is easy for all developers to adopt, regardless of individual or corporation, and we solve the complicated online payment service that takes time to apply and is expensive and difficult to use.

  • ID Payment Service / Payment App

    PAY ID

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    ID Payment Service that can be easily settled in various scenes just by reading a dedicated QR code with your smartphone.

    “PAY ID” is an ID-type payment service for purchasers. If you register your information in advance, you will not need to enter your credit card number or delivery address information each time. It is possible to register multiple credit cards and use them according to the purpose. Available at more than 1,400,000 shops.