A Company Where the World’s Smallest Team Can Become the World’s Greatest Team


CEO Message

Even the world’s smallest team can become the world’s greatest team. When individuals and small teams become stronger, the world becomes a better place.

The BASE Group was launched and nurtured with this belief and, thanks to the support of all our customers, it will be celebrating its 10th anniversary December, 2022.
It all started in 2012 when my mother, who runs a retail store in Oita Prefecture, expressed her desire to set up an online shop. She said, “I want to create an online store, but all the options seem complicated and I don’t know where to start.” It dawned on me then how, in an era where someone like my mother wanted to have her own shop online, for many people it was still a significant challenge to have an online store with payment functionalities. This was a privilege that had been reserved mostly for those with great resources.

10 years since then, we have developed and provided services focusing on empowering individuals and small teams, and have helped many achieve their goals.

For the next 10 years and onwards, we will continue to provide our services to help people realize their own lifestyles, regardless of their stage of life, social environment, location or time, to realize diversity equity and inclusion, to create a world where everyone can be stronger.

We are committed to creating social value through the empowerment of individuals and small teams, creating the foundation for a sustainable economy, and at the same time, living up to the responsibilities of creating vitality for all of Japan, by liberating payment and financial services through internet technology.

We look forward to your continued support of the BASE Group, as we strive to achieve our mission, “Payment to the People, Power to the People.”

Yuta Tsuruoka
Representative Director
Senior Executive Officer and CEO

Basic Policy on Sustainability

Our Group mission is “Payment to the People, Power to the People.” Through the power of internet technology, we aim to increase accessibility to payment and financial services that many people need, but are not able to benefit from. By empowering individuals and small teams, we aim to realize a society in which all people can play an active role.

Since our foundation, we have been developing products believing more than anyone that, “when individuals and small teams become stronger through the internet, the world will become a better place”. This belief will not change in the future.

Payment to the People, Power to the People.

With the aim of achieving our Group mission as soon as possible, we will face our responsibilities and roles as a platform that provides payment and financial services open for all of society, and promote ESG initiatives throughout the Group to realize a sustainable society.

Process For Identifying material ESG Issues

STEP1 Extraction of possible key issues

By referring to international indicators such as the GRI Standards, SDGs (United Nations Sustainable Development Goals), and SASB (Sustainability Accounting Standards Board), as well as ISO and international ESG rating standards and by taking into account the characteristics of our business, we have identified possible key issues related to the environment, society, and governance.

STEP2 Narrowing down and prioritizing key issues

Interviews were conducted with internal and external directors, auditors, shareholders, and investors based on the possible key issues identified. In accordance with the results, we narrowed down the list of important issues and prioritized them by making a comprehensive judgment from the perspective of “issues that are important to the company” and “issues that are of high interest to stakeholders.”

STEP3 Identification of key issues

Through discussions at meetings of the Board of Directors and the Management Committee, we assessed the relevance of the issues to our vision and management strategies and identified key issues that should be prioritized through a resolution of the Board of Directors.

Materiality Map

Materiality Map