Basic Environmental Policy
The BASE Group is committed to reducing various environmental impacts through its business activities, striving for a sustainable society.

Climate Change and Energy

Statement of Support for the TCFD (March 2023)

In March 2023, we expressed our support for the TCFD (Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures).

Calculation of GHG* emissions as part of our efforts to address environmental issues such as climate change

We calculate and disclose the following GHG emissions:


* Green House Gas.
Note 1: Emissions from the Group for the period ending December 31, 2022
Note 2: Calculated using market-based method

Environmental Initiatives in the Office

We also implement eco-friendly practices, such as automatic lights-off in offices, transitioning to paperless operations using cloud services, and using recycled PET bottles for visitor’s drinking water.

Environmental Conservation Efforts in Business

We have implemented the following initiative across our various businesses:

Payment and Financial Services Business

We are taking actions to reduce the environmental impact of server CO2 emissions per transaction (one-time payment) generated in the information processing process when a product is purchased through the “Pay Later (Pay ID)” method. Based on the number of payments made using “Pay Later (Pay ID),” we donate a corresponding amount to the Japan International Forestry Promotion and Cooperation Center (JIFPRO), a public interest incorporated foundation that contributes to the reduction of greenhouse gasses through forest conservation and afforestation initiatives. This creates a cycle where online shopping contributes to environmental preservation. In this way, we aim to realize sustainable e-commerce where both the environment and the economy are compatible.
From Environment Day on June 5th (Monday), we started an initiative with “Pay ID” where shopping contributes to environmental preservation. An amount of money is donated to the Japan International Forestry Promotion and Cooperation Center (JIFPRO) based on the number of payments made using “Pay Later (Pay ID).”

Future Plans

In addition to efforts like automatic lights-off at night in offices and optimizing air conditioning temperatures to reduce electricity consumption, we plan to switch all the electricity used in our Roppongi head office to renewable energy sources.