Message from CEO

To Our Shareholders and Investors

Thank you for your continued support of the business operations of BASE, Inc. The Company was listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers market in October 2019. The Company is committed to provide products and services that help create a world where individuals and small teams can thrive. We are empowering individuals and SMBs (Small and Medium Businesses) through the development and provision of payment services which everyone can use easily.
Our Mission
From the time when we created our flagship e-commerce platform “BASE” in 2012 to the present, we have continued to deliver our products, believing that the world will be better when individuals and small teams become more engaged and empowered through the Internet. To implement this philosophy through our business, we uphold the ideals of “Payment to the People, Power to the People” as our corporate mission. In our business model, the success of our customers – individuals and SMB shops – is critical to our success. In order to maintain a high growth rate based on the relationship mentioned above, we believe that it is essential to provide those who want to open their own online shops with functions capable of easily operating their own net shops using BASE, and to empower these shops by providing them with an environment where they can use BASE continuously, accommodating a wide range of shop scales.
Growth Strategies
At present, the domestic BtoC-EC market is enjoying and is expected to continue a steady growth. This is driven by the factors such as the diversification of products sold on the Internet, an increase in market participants, a significant reduction in delivery time by logistics companies, the spread of smartphone use, and an increase in the volume of information distributed through social media. Against this backdrop, the Company has adopted the following growth strategies to achieve its mission.
Raising Awareness of Our Services and Acquiring New Users
In order for us to maintain a high growth rate in the future, it is essential to raise awareness of our services and acquire new users. To date, we have engaged in efforts to raise awareness of our services through advertising activities using TV commercials and web marketing, etc. using the Internet, and will further strengthen and promote these activities in the future.
Enhancing Products
The Company will develop highly competitive products so that people who want to open online shops can choose BASE. In addition, we will also make our products easy to use for shops with large sales so that shops that started with small sales can continue to use them even after they grow.
Enhancing Data Utilization
The Company has a vast amount of data on BASE, including the behavior and transaction histories of each shop. We will promote the development of machine learning technology that analyzes and utilizes these big data and provide optimal advice in shop operations to shops that use BASE. By doing so, we will contribute to improving the operating rate and sales of our client online shops.
Increasing Added Value Other than Payment Functions
The Company offers “SHIBUYABASE” and “TENJINBASE” which provide online shops with opportunities to sell products in the real venues. We also provide functions that allow the delivery of products more easily and at more affordable prices through tie-up with other companies. In the future, we will enhance services and functions other than the payment function to increase the added value provided to shops and improve commissions (take rate).
The greatest discovery of the Company since its establishment is that the Internet and technology can make even the smallest team the greatest in the world. We will continue to value our relationship with individuals who are our customers and SMB shops, and work to enhance our corporate value by focusing on development, the operation and provision of products and services that empower individuals, and SMBs through the Internet.

October 25, 2019
Yuta Tsuruoka,
Representative Director and CEO,
BASE, Inc.